Our Staff: Meet Matt and Airi

Meet Matt and Airi, when we say family owned and operated that is just what we mean. Together they combine for over TEN years of dog daycare experience. This is just what they do. Call them anytime!

Matt Mooers
Since 2002
The founder and co-owner of Tuckered Out, Matt has been working at various dog daycares in the Seacoast area since 2002.  During that time he has found his calling, having dogs around all day is just the way he operates.  Matt also keeps busy with four dogs of his own; Tucker, Taber, Huxley, and Nina.

Matt Mooers

Airi Seigler
Since 2005
Airi joined the team in mid-2008 and is currently pursuing a BA in Therapeutic Recreation in hopes of offering animal assisted therapy.  Like Matt, Airi has been working at dog daycares for years and offers a wealth of experience caring for dogs.  Airi has two dogs of her own; Thule and Oscar.

Airi Seigler

Why Tuckered Out?
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Excercise to Keep your Dog Fit
  • Socialize your dog with our friendly pack
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